William J. P. Hammond


William John Percy Hammond
12:06PM February 9, 2014
8lbs 1/2oz

My little angel is here! Thank you all so much for the love and support that Peter and I have received. We are so overjoyed and embracing every moment!
Here are a few photos taken over the past two days of our little guy.ImageImage

My absolute favourite photo of him yet with Grandma after she gave him his first bath.

More photos to come! It’s time for this momma to have a cat nap.


Ombré With Balayage Highlights


These pictures are from my cell phone. No filters. Just gorgeous highlights (if I do say so myself).
I got these done yesterday at The Head Shoppe on Mountain Road. My stylist was Alyssa and she did an incredible job! She really listened to exactly what I wanted and gave me this gorgeous natural looking ombre.
This look is perfect for spring! She used the balayage highlighting technique and added foils for no “bleach bleeding”.

Get the look for 25% off

If you’re loving this look as much as I am and are considering getting some natural looking highlights done for spring, drop by and ask for Alyssa. Let her know that you were referred by Sarah Hammond and you’ll receive 25% off!


February’s Beauty Craving


It doesn’t matter what colour your hair is; blonde, brunette, red, purple, grey, whatever! If the colour is dull and faded, it’s not impressing anyone.
Dull hair can happen for so many reason; over bleaching, too much shampooing, or heat damage along with lots of other things we put our hair through. The shine of your hair can almost always reflect the health of your hair. So it makes sense that this look is so appealing.
Here’s a few things you can do to keep the shine alive.

Heat Protectors
A good heat protector will save your hair from damage of blow drying, straightening and curling. Spray on towel dried hair and style as usual. My favourite drugstore spray  is Nexxus Pro Mend.

Invest in a good hair serum. This will make your hair shiny and serve as a leave in conditioner.
* natural/cheap serum: olive oil or coconut oil. Dab a dime size amount into your palms and apply to hair after styling.

Weekly Hair Mask
Treating your hair to a hair mask once a week can do wonders! You can purchase one or you can diy it and do one yourself. One of my favourite drugstore masks is Organix Hydrating Macadamia Mask.

At home shine masks:
Mayonnaise Hair Mask
1 large egg
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 cup full fat mayonnaise
Mix ingredients and apply to hair. Let sit for 30 minutes.

Simple Olive Oil & Egg Mask
1 large egg
1/2 cup olive oil
Optional: add 1/2 of your conditioner to give the mix a cream texture and add extra softness to hair.
I like to wrap my hair in a towel and wear this one to bed and rinse it out in the morning. If that’s a bit much for you, 30 minutes will do just fine as well.

Salon Gloss Treatments
Ask your salon to treat your hair to a clear shine toner. You can receive this after a colouring or just book a shine treatment on its own to pamper yourself. You can also give yourself a gloss at home with a drug store brand treatment. Many hair colour companies now carry these and they come in all different brands and prices.

Round Brush Blow Dry
One of the most effective ways to gives yourself a quick, smooth and shiny mane is to use a round brush as you blow dry. Run it through hair when there is still moisture to set the hair, sectioning as you do so.

Give these tips a try and let know me know how they work for you!

Simple Homemade Crepes

ImageImageI usually make it to the Moncton Farmers Market on Saturdays, but this weekend it didn’t happen. Seeing as I couldn’t kick my weekend craving for crepes, I decided to take matters into my own hands and get baking!
I found a fairly simple recipe online and tweaked it to my liking. Crepes are sooo delicious and are a great substitute for bread or pancakes in the morning.

Sidenote: This weekend I’ve had my nose in How To Look Expensive. I picked it up at HomeSense but you can also purchase it here.

Time: 25 minutes
Makes: 8 (depending on size)
1 cup flour
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 tablespoon salt
1 1/2 almond milk
2 1/2 tablespoon butter
3 eggs
Toss all ingredients into a blender. You can use a mixing bowl as well. A blender really mixes it up well and brings the bubbles to the top for a nice batter. I mixed my ingredients for about 40 seconds on high. After blended, take a spoon and mix through to make sure there are no chucks of flour. If so, blend for 20 seconds longer.
Once batter is completely blended, let sit for at least 15 minutes.
1/2 sliced banana
apple slices
nutella spread
1/2 frozen strawberries, microwaved for 1:00 and mashed
icing sugar to garnish

Once batter as settled, pour onto your preferred pan, greased with vegetable oil.
The key to creating a crepe and not a thin pancake is to SPREAD the batter immediately after pouring! I used a pancake flipper to do this and simply started in the center of the batter and lightly pushed outward.
Assemble and enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Picks



My husband and I definitely are not ones to go all out for Valentine’s Day. I think the most we’ve ever done is I made him supper (which, believe me, is kind of a big deal). And this year especially, with my due date being February 8 (freaking out), crazy romantic plans are just not an option. But a girl can always dream!
Do you and your man go all out? Or if your single, do you pamper yourself around this time of year?

Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Review


Too Face “Better Than Sex” Mascara
* cruelty free 

Besides the fact that the name of this product is enough for a double take, the results are pretty similar. I love this mascara! I think I’ve found my favourite yet. And believe me, I’ve tried many. Including Too Face’s Better Than False Lashes, which is one of the most highly recommended mascaras at any Sephora.


I think the photo really speaks for itself. No eye liner, no lash curlers, and just ONE coat!
This formula is super buildable so if you like your lashes thick, that won’t be a problem with this product.
Have you tried this product? If so, do you love it as much as I do?

Favourite Uses For Honey

ImageRecently I’ve been trying lots of natural remedies that I usually would never normally use. I’ve absolutely loved doing this because it’s ended up saving me money on expensive prescription drugs and skin products.
Honey has really been one of my go to natural remedies for tons of things. Here are a a few of my favourite new found uses!

Honey Tea
Whenever I feel a cold coming on, this tea is my go to. Since drinking this, I have never had a cold last longer than 2 days. Which is pretty incredible considering that I use to have colds that would last for weeks at a time. This tea is awesome because all three ingredients help to boost your immune system and the honey has great anti-bacterial power to help fight off bugs.
1 tablespoon of honey (raw honey is always the best)
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1/2  tablespoon of cinnamon
Place ingredients in a mug, then fill mug with boiling water. Mix drink until desired consistency.

Honey Face Mask
Because honey is such a great natural anti-bacterial,it only makes sense that it can do wonders when used directly on the skin. It makes skin super soft and it actually has a slight bleaching affect which helps take away redness. I have eczema of the eyelids, so a full face mask once a week is great to give my skin a extra boost of moisture and healing.
Raw Honey (I use Manuka Honey)
Dampen face with warm water to open pores. Using a quarter size amount of honey, spread all over your face. Let sit for 20 minutes then rinse off with warm water. I always like to finish with cold water to close up pores.

Honey Spot Treatment
Got an unsightly imperfection coming on? Dab raw honey on the affected area and let soak in overnight. I have found that doing this is comparable to Proactive’s spot treatment solution, which was always very affective.

Honey to Heal Scars
Besides using honey as a spot treatment, I use it to fade away the redness in scars. The cinnamon also really helps to enhance the lightening affect as well.
1 tablespoon of honey
1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon
Exfoliate skin using your favourite method (dry brush, loofah). Mix ingredients (I just use my fingers) and spread on affected area. I like to let it sit over night, although some places on the body are harder to do this because of the stickiness. If overnight is not doable, 30 minutes is a fair amount of time.

Hope you give some of these all natural fixes a try! And feel free to share with me any of your favourite home made beauty/health remedies!